Every week there is a room available for the creche. Young children are very much welcome in the main service, however if parents would feel more comfortable having space to step out of the service at any point then this space is always there when needed. There are lots of toys to use. If you need anything please do let one of the members know and we will be happy to help. 

Children's church 

Each week there are separate activities for the children whilst the service is on. These are appropriate for those up to age 13. The children will normally leave after the reading, just look out for when the person leading the service announces when it is time for the children to go off and enjoy their own activities. 

If you ever need anything just grab one of the children's workers, you can see a photo of us on the right.

Cafe church

During these services Children will stay in the service, it's great to  have the whole Church family together. However if you ever feel you need space, the creche room will be available on cafe church services too.