The church will be closed until further notice, due to Covid-19. 

Please check this page for updates.




My mother used to reproach me with a little ditty that would no doubt nowadays be deemed to be politically incorrect and an example of gender stereotyping. It ran,

“Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can; seldom found in women but never in a man.”


I want to get back to worshipping together. How about you? Are you impatient for a return to normality albeit one informed by recent experience with conduct and priorities changed to reflect what we have learned during lockdown?

Yet, as I write, returning holiday makers face quarantine, those exposed to the virus are expected to self-isolate for even longer periods, the R rate is increasing in some places and others face local lockdowns.

There is a Greek myth about a man named Sisyphus who was condemned to an eternity of rolling an enormous boulder uphill. Each time he nearly reached the top, he would lose control of the boulder and it would roll back down the hill and he would have to start over again. It seems to be a bit like that with Covid 19.

Each week, the leadership team – Dave, Andrew, Hazel and myself – meet online keeping the issue of re-opening under review. Whatever our emotional response to the desire to reopen, reason tells us that it is simply not safe to do so at this time even with social distancing and restrictions on singing etc. Our foremost thought is to care for you and ourselves in accordance with the instructions which Jesus gave to his disciples to safeguard those entrusted to them just as the good shepherd looks after his sheep.

We promise to keep the situation under review. In particular, we will be meeting with our moderator, Andrew Goldsmith, on the 12th September when this will one of the things which we intend to discuss as we meet face to face. Please remember that meeting in your prayers.

So, for the time being at least, we remain a scattered church. But a scattered church is still the Church forming the body of Christ in this world. We can and should recognise that, as one body in Christ – wherever we are – that the health of the whole body depends upon us looking after one another not only until such time as we can again meet together but also beyond that as we seek to live out our calling as lights to world and salt to the Earth. Remember, Jesus’ teaching that we are to love one another as He loves us. If we do that, then it will be noted of us, as it was for the early church, that all people would know that we are Christians because of the love which we have for one another.

Here’s the challenge.

What can you do to encourage a brother or sister in Christ this week? Drop them a line? Make that telephone call? Meet at safe distance for a walk or a coffee. Again, Jesus is very clear. “Whatever you did for the least of these, you did for me.”

May each of us know God walking with us this week and always…with no hint of social distancing!



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