The church will be closed until further notice, due to Covid-19. 

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12th July 2020


There have been so many sudden changes which seem to be happening daily. Jobs at risk, schools, shops, leisure venues suddenly closed but now gradually reopening. Adjusting and adapting how we live our lives.

Church services as we know them no longer exist. Some churches have been able to live stream their Sunday Services. In today’s society going to Church is irrelevant, but some people, who do not normal go to church, have suddenly taken to tuning into services.  Others have reported praying for the first time.  There seems to be an inbuilt default in us that turns to the Lord during a crisis even if we ignore him the rest of the time.

We hope and pray that those who have found comfort in watching the services and praying, will, once it is safe to reopen church buildings, will feel able to visit a local church, to be welcomed and encouraged by fellowships in learning more about Jesus, how to build a close relationship with Him and invite Him into their lives.

As the church is scattered at the moment we can become ‘missionaries’ to our friends, neighbours and loved ones.  An offer to help, check on someone by giving them a call and other acts of kindness.  This is an opportunity to model the perfect love that is Jesus – a love that has the power to transform, heal, forgive. This love is not about religion, rules.  Its going through life knowing you are never alone; you are safe and there is a steady hand when life gets a bit wobbly and uncertain. It is a love that casts out fear, ignites hope and inspires service. It gives courage and strength, a peace which is beyond understanding and reminds you how precious you are to the Lord.

Are we during this uncertain time taking the opportunity to help others encounter the love of God?

1 John 4:19 reminds us that ‘we love because He first loved us’. Are we being bold with our love and sharing how the Lord is a loving Father, always there and faithful?   

Faithful One, so unchanging

Ageless One, you’re my rock of peace.

Lord of all, I depend on you

I call out to you again and again


You are my rock in times of trouble,

You lift me up when I fall down.

All through the storm your love is the anchor

My hope is in you alone


Hazel Arnold




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