For a schedule of proposed church opening dates, please see the information on the Sunday web page.

During current lockdown, the church will not be open for services.  


It is important that the organiser of any service or event makes those attending aware of these guidelines before they gather and apply them during the service or event.

1.    Before the service or event, the organiser will arrange the allocated room as required with social distancing rules being adhered to.

2.    Windows or doors must be open to allow an air flow through the building.

3.    Someone must be in attendance to welcome and assist the visitors.

4.    On entry, those attending must be asked if they are fit and well and to confirm that they are not displaying any Covid-19 symptoms.

5.    Face coverings, which safely cover the nose and mouth and securely fit round the side of the face, must be worn in the building. Visors alone do not count as face coverings according to the law.

6.    Social distancing rules must be adhered to at all times 

7.    Hands must be sanitised on entry to the building.

8.    The names and contact details of those attending, not exceeding current maxima permitted by law or guidance, must be recorded by the organiser, the family (for a wedding or funeral) or by SBC and retained by the organiser of the event   for track and trace purposes. .

9.    Those attending will be shown to the allotted room by a designated route and must be seated either as individuals or groups in accordance with prevailing guidelines. They should then stay in that room and in their allocated seat for the whole service or event.

10. Singing is not currently permitted.

11. Musical instruments must not be shared. Brass or wind instruments are not currently permitted.

12. Hand-held microphones must not be shared outside of social bubbles and should be sanitised after use.

13. Activities that include the sharing of materials or close contact outside of social bubbles should not take place.

14.Food must not be consumed on the premises. Those attending should bring their own water. The kitchen will not be available.

15. Personal belongings should be kept with the person at all times.

16. Those attending are encouraged not to use the toilets. Should they need to do so then they should use the disabled toilet on a “one in, one out” policy. The other toilet will be out of bounds.


17. At the end of the meeting those present will be escorted from the premises in an orderly fashion by the designated route.



Please be aware that whilst we manage and clean our facilities in line with Public Health England advice, users of the church and its facilities do so knowing that meeting in a public building there is an increased chance of Covid-19 infection for which Shefford Baptist Church cannot be held liable.

Would you like us to pray for you?

Advent should be a time of hopeful preparation. For Christians we remember Jesus' birth and anticipate the time when he will return to us. However, for many people, this has been a hard year. Rather than feeling hopeful, many are anxious and uncertain about the future. For some, there is a sense of isolation and loneliness; for others there may be worries about money particularly at this time which can be so expensive.
As Christians we are encouraged to cast our burdens on a God who loves us and cares for us. This gives us hope even in the most difficult of times.
God doesn't promise that we won't experience difficulty. Instead he promises to be with us in those difficulties giving a peace which passes human understanding.
If you are in a place where you need that peace then please allow us to pray for you and with you.
Two ways you can do this.
Simply leave a ribbon tied to the gates in front of our church building on the corner of Stanford Road. That will be a prompt for us to pray for you. We don't need to know the particular concerns which trouble you because God will have seen you leave the ribbon and he knows your need even before you ask.
Alternatively, please visit our church website page 


where we have a prayer corner where you can leave a request. Include only as much detail as you feel comfortable with.
For our part, we commit to pray for our community during this season of Advent.
May God bless you and keep you and may you have a happy Christmas.



For the second successive year, we have had a very wet winter followed by an unusually dry spring. What this has meant for farmers is that, in many places, the waterlogged fields have prevented them sowing in the autumn and, instead, looking to sow in spring. Then, of course, the relative drought has meant that that which has been sown is in danger of being stunted because of the drought which replaced our expected April showers.

As I write this, however, it is raining steadily and for a prolonged period. This is, according to farmers, “good rain” because it comes in good quantity and in a way which will enable the ground to absorb it fully without run off. In consequence, the crop will be nourished and will grow healthily. The farmer will be able to feed us so that we, in turn, can be nourished and grow.

In Deuteronomy chapter 32 we find God saying,

“My teaching, let it fall like a gentle rain, my words arrive like morning dew, like a sprinkling rain on new grass, like spring showers on the garden.”

(From The Message)

I am reminded of the parable of the sower recorded in chapter 13 of Matthew’s gospel. God will provide the seed and the water to enable the seed to grow but we need to be like the fertile soil ready to accept the seed and absorb that which is needed for it to grow.

How do we go about this? Remember, for example, God’s instruction to Joshua,

“Keep (my teaching) on your lips; meditate on it day and night so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”


Shefford Baptist Church is a family friendly church seeking to serve the local community. Please have a look around the website and see who we are, what we're up to and where to find us.

Everyone is welcome at Shefford Baptist Church!

Our Mission Statement...

"To follow Jesus Christ and make him known to others”.

To that end we base our core values on biblical principles and seek to be a community which, by the power of the Holy Spirit, is increasingly Christlike."

We seek to build community by meeting together not only on a Sunday but through the week. See the Midweek section for details of groups and meetings.