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I am writing this on the 22nd September, the Autumn equinox when day and night are of equal length; in other words, in balance. This got me thinking that too often our emotions so distort our perception of things that we lose all sense of balance.

I had also been thinking of the past and that old joke, “nostalgia ain’t what it used to be”.

We are in difficult times, of that there can be no doubt. Life continues to be hard for some. But there is much to be thankful for.

Standards of living have risen, we have a health service which remains free at the point of delivery, an adequate if not generous welfare state, an ever improving educational system, we enjoy freedom expression, freedom of religion, a generally (if not always) tolerant society and the right to vote to change things if we are dissatisfied with the status quo. For those who are in our church community we have the knowledge that we are precious in God’s eyes, loved by Him and by our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Even in the lifetime of some of us, these things have come to pass. Prior to this they were non-existent or virtually non-existent and, for the war time generations, under threat.

I recall older generations talking of the hardships not only during the war but also in the post-war period. Tales of hiding the jam when the National Assistance man called or of not being able to afford the half a crown (twelve and a half “new” pence) to call a GP for a sick child.

Therefore, let us, particularly as followers of Jesus, be a thankful, hopeful people. Even in adversity, the writer of psalm 71 says,

“I shall always have hope; I will praise you more and more” (verse 14).

So, here’s a challenge for you this week.

Each night, reflect upon the day that has passed and number the blessings for which you can thank God. Let’s bring some balance back to our perception of life today.

May God bless us and keep us in the knowledge of His love for us.


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